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• QUICK BIO: Budapest West blends modern electronic instruments with unique acoustic instruments to create a sound unlike any other. They’ve delighted audiences at concerts, festivals, wineries, and mor
5/21/2019 2:51:50 PM
Budapest West
Gig Harbor WA - United States
•  World [Groove]

• INFLUENCES: Peter Gabriel, Rush, Depeche Mode, Yes, Loreena McKennitt, Trent Reznor

Rob Rigoni-Guitars, Mandolin, Tenortrope, Vocals
Santia-Synth, Hurdy Gurdy, Vocals
John Paul Michaels-Drums, Percussion, Vocals

For booking contact: Rob Rigoni rbrigoni@gmail.com


• BIO:
East meets West with Budapest West. A tantalizing blend of modern electronic and unique traditional instruments (such as the hurdy gurdy) creates a spell-binding sonic adventure that audiences love.
Rob, Santia, and John Paul have delighted music-lovers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond with their unique “world groove” sound. Customized programs feature an array of instruments and vocals, and provide a special listening experience for all ages.
Come join our sonic adventure of imagination! Whether a music festival, special event, concert, club, winery, or pub, Budapest West brings the right brew for you.

Cool Facts
* Budapest West instrumentation includes 12-string guitar, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar(s), Dobro banjo, drums, electric bass, electric guitars, electronic drums, flute, hand drums, hurdy gurdy, keyboards, mandolin, percussion, sequencers, and tenortrope.
* Budapest West music has been heard on National Public Radio.
* Santia Soul Sounds: Santia creates personalized meditation music for you and for organizations.
* “Tranquility in E Minor” hit #1 on Ourstage.com “all instrumental” station.
* Santia penned the trance-rock anthem “Moon Goddess” especially for Tacoma’s 2012 Winter Solstice Event. The recorded version debuted as the clock struck midnight, much to the delight of the Solstice revelers.
* Rob graduated from the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Institute, and studied music at Bowling Green State University
* Santia has degrees in Education, Human Resources, and Psychology
* John Paul is an expert sound engineer, and has recorded the Tibetan Nuns