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• QUICK BIO: Release the Reign is the hottest young band out there. With Multi-State tours and headlining shows under their belt they are ready to headline your next event.
3/26/2019 12:26:28 PM
Release the Reign
Houston TX - United States
•  Rock [Alternative]


Call or Text 936-648-1801
or email releasethereign@gmail.com


• BIO:
The Houston, Texas based rock trio Release the Reign is taking the Texas music scene by storm and when you hear their music, it comes as no surprise. The band has been described as "The love child of Halestorm and Paramore with a heavy but soft sound" (Pitstomper Productions, Houston TX). The band released its debut EP, Porcelain Doll, in 2017 and immediately started the climb up the local and regional independent music charts, rocketing to as high as #1 in their local area, #1 in the Houston Region and as high as #111 in the United States within weeks of its release. The namesake single from the EP, Porcelain Doll, was picked up within hours and added into standard rotation and the remaining songs were picked up immediately by FM, independent and internet based radio stations. Their hit single, “Lights Out”, has pulled in an audience from as far away as Canberra, Austrailia rising as high as #14 on FM89.5 . The band has been featured with live, on-air interviews and performances on the Texas Radio Hall of Fame member, Outlaw Dave’s, “Show-case” Radio program as well as on-air interviews with the Morning Mayhem Radio Show, Punk Star Full Throttle Radio and more. In 2017, Release the Reign, under its former name “Underage” was named the MXD Magazine’s “Rising Talent, Rock and Roll band of the year!” Talent scouts and promoters all over the region have opened doors for the band to perform at some of the region’s most well respected venues such as, Fitzgeralds, Scout Bar, BFE Rock Club, the Curtain Club and individual members have graced the stage all over a multi-state region and are often asked to appear in cameo performances with top bands around the state. The band consist currently of 3 members all 21 years old or under. Holding down the heavy bass lines and a melodic strong and true vocal is 16 year old Kat Olivia. Sitting on the drum throne providing the heart pounding drum grooves is her sister, 13 year old female drumming prodigy, Naty Nat. Rounding out the band on those tuned down, aggressive sounding guitars is Mr. Frederick Forbes (21). The founding members, Kat Olivia and Naty Nat, formed the band in 2015 at the ages of 13 and 9 respectively and since the band has performed approximately 100 shows, from private gigs to mid-size clubs to Main stage performances at large festivals with attendance approaching 20,000 including the Texas Taco and Margarita Festival on Cinco de Mayo, the Coca-Cola Freedom Fest at Six Flags Over Texas in 2018 and more. The band is a mainstay at Amusement and Waterparks in Texas including Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Six Flags over Texas and despite their young ages has completed a multi-state tour. The band has quickly moved from a side stage opening act to Headlining shows. With a late summer of 2018 tour including stops in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma City, Tucson Arizona and Hollywood, California scheduled, Release the Reign is positioned to explode on the National Scene. The band has already shared the stage with some of the top current National and Regional touring acts like Wayland and Rockett Queen as well as Stephan Pearcy of Mega 80's Rock Band Ratt, The Bullet Boys, Tora Tora and of course the hottest local Texas bands and artists. With professionalism way beyond their years and talent beyond that, Release the Reign is a band that people remember. As such, they are perfect for representing your product. Anything from hair products to clothing lines, instruments, accessories and amplification, this band is the one to bring your product to the next generation.